Humanity is a Ruck

According to Robert Frost, "Nature is a Chaos, Humanity is a Ruck." He wasn't writing about rugby, but Jake wasn't entirely sure the first time he read it. In this episode, the brothers recap the Women's World Cup and consider the All Blacks second win of the season over Australia. Jake is already getting wound up about the Saracens v Newcastle match coming up in Philadelphia, so he is trying to get Ethan equally as excited, though that's no small thing. In the middle of it all, Jake announces his desire for a song for American fans to sing at USA matches. Suggestions welcome!

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Rolling Past the Neck Roll

The brothers manage to get through a conversation about the London 7s without exploding in frustration, and Ethan's admiration for the USA 7s team only deepens. Some time is spent on the topic of the Hurricanes, but the bigger reaction was about a newly-announced television deal for World Rugby events in America. Jake very bluntly steers the conversation to a piece he recently posted on Rugby Today. And Ethan makes it clear that he has no interest in being a "former rugby player."

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Ethan's Found His Team

When the brothers first started these conversations, the first test was to see if Ethan liked the rugby. He did. The next step was to get Ethan involved with a team or league. He was interested in the end of last season's Super Rugby--and, specifically, the Hurricanes--but that interest did not stick long enough to last into this season. However, we have now found a team that has sucked Ethan in: the USA 7s team. Ethan and Jake talk some about the Singapore 7s, including the potential star power of the current USA squad. Ethan also asks Jake about how he is finding being an assistant coach for his son's team. They  also touch on some European rugby, including getting their plans set for what to watch this weekend.

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Ethan Goes from Hong Kong? to Hong Kong!

It's been clear for a while that to get Ethan even further into rugby fandom, he needed a team to follow. He has that now: The men's USA 7s team. He still needs help figuring out how to watch, which is not a good sign for anyone. Fortunately for Ethan, he has a personal rugby concierge in Jake who makes sure he doesn't entirely miss out. This episode involves a bit of fawning over Madison Hughes, as well as touching up Super Rugby, Aviva Premiership, and the potential of Major League Rugby.

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For Ethan's benefit, here are the times for the USA 7s pool play matches on Saturday in Singapore:

v Wales at 1:36am EST

v Scotland at 4:34am EST

v New Zealand at 8:50am EST

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#12: Such a Pretty Package

Bath's disappointing--at least, disappointing to Jake--performance to Leicester is central to this week's conversation. Ethan was ready to be positive about the match and being able to watch on television. Ethan comments again on how watching rugby compares to watching football, and Jake shares what rugby-related detail kept him sleepless this week.


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