Wait...This is 2017?

Both brothers watched a Life v St. Mary's D1A champioship match, but it isn't clear at the start that they watched the same one. One of the brothers traveled back in time without realizing it. However, Ethan and Jake still talk about the idea of college rugby being a marketable rugby product in the US. There is also some nostalgia, some excitement ahead of the Paris 7s, and a renewed desire to become a Hurricanes fan from Ethan.

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Ethan's Found His Team

When the brothers first started these conversations, the first test was to see if Ethan liked the rugby. He did. The next step was to get Ethan involved with a team or league. He was interested in the end of last season's Super Rugby--and, specifically, the Hurricanes--but that interest did not stick long enough to last into this season. However, we have now found a team that has sucked Ethan in: the USA 7s team. Ethan and Jake talk some about the Singapore 7s, including the potential star power of the current USA squad. Ethan also asks Jake about how he is finding being an assistant coach for his son's team. They  also touch on some European rugby, including getting their plans set for what to watch this weekend.

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Season 2! Vegas Jackpot

Finally back, Ethan and Jake talk about the USA 7s from Las Vegas. Jake was actually in Vegas, while Ethan watched on tv from New Hampshire. However, both brothers were excited by what happened and have fun sharing their reactions.

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Episode 3: Ethan is Exposed to Super Rugby

Progress is being made in converting Ethan to a rugby fan.  Watching Super Rugby did not improve his perspective on PRO Rugby, though.

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