Ethan Unsupervised

After a bit of a break, the brothers are back. Turns out, that without the push from the podcast conversations, Ethan found it easy to slip into old, non-watching habits. There is a lot to cover, so no single match gets too much attention. They also look at a graphic Jake created. And, of course, plans to see Rogue One are mentioned.

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Every 9 Needs a Whistle

The brothers talk about the end of The Rugby Championship, the potentially bad news about their pod's namesake, and The Stoop. There is also some USA Rugby to discuss, though not in cheery tones. Ethan expressed a desire to watch a USA Selects match if the European Cup matches aren't available. Jake will take that as a good sign.

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Episode 11: Watch the Space, Not Just the Ball

Another weekend of The Rugby Championship for the brothers to chat their way through. Jake gave Ethan a few suggestions for how to watch a match with a slightly more educated eye. It does not take a particularly educated eye, and the Frechette brothers join the rest of the rugby world, to appreciate the skills of Dane Coles. Ethan's work obligations prevented him from watching any rugby from the Northern Hemisphere, but Jake allowed it--just this once. Next weekend, the focus will be on Leicester v Bath, which they will watch on actual tv.

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Episode 6: Looking for Rugby's Soap Operas?

One way to think about why we find watching sports interesting is that the games, seasons, and tournaments are good stories. The athletic spectacle is nice, but we need more than that. Ethan continues to think that rugby looks good when compared to American football, but he's still more excited about the NFL season than the rugby championship. The task now is to give Ethan compelling stories, or the right information so he can find his own narratives.

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