Respect the Kicker? Nah!

Conventional Wisdom--at least according to Jake--held that the Munster v Saracens semi-final was a kick-fest that lacked flair. Ethan's reaction showed the power of being unaware of Conventional Wisdom. This episode is more evidence that Ethan isn't getting sucked into off-field story lines and what can happen when all a fan pays attention to is what happens on the pitch for 80 minutes.

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Trying to Create a Scrutable Spectacle

In Episode 10, it is back to The Rugby Championship and a chance to talk about Argentina's great 50 minutes against New Zealand, as well as the rest of that match and Australia's win over South Africa. This was the first weekend that saw rugby competing with the NFL season for Ethan, who is a pretty serious football fan. Before they talked, Jake was pretty worried about how that competition would go.

The conversation continues to evolve as Ethan's journey into rugby fandom progresses. Unfortunately, the brothers' skills with the technical details is evolving at a slightly slower pace. You might notice some hiccups in the episode which are the result of Jake's mic deciding to take some breaks during the recording.

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