Sunny Wellington for Episode 15

The Frechette Brothers talk about the Mitre 10 for the first time, having watching North Harbour defeat Wellington. Turns out, Ethan likes watching New Zealand rugby. Imagine that! If all matches can be as entertaining at that North Harbour/Wellington match, Ethan will care a lot less about television production values. Jake also spends some time encouraging Ethan to figure out how to get out and see a high-level match in person.

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Episode 8: The New Car Smell Wearing Off?

In Episode 8 of The Carter Divide, it was another week with The Rugby Championship at the center of the conversation. Ethan continues to become more aware of the current landscape of rugby, and not everything is good.

I confess that I am pretty excited for a chance to talk about some Americans again. Ethan selected Toulon (because of Samu Manoa) and the Cardiff Blues (because of Blaine Scully and Cam Dolan) as teams to follow. With talks about PRO12 expansion to North America, and rumors about Top 14 ambitions in America, it will be interesting to see which league grabs Ethan’s attention. We’ll be able to watch Toulon on Saturday.

Ethan continues to be more interested in rugby than, necessarily, American rugby. My hope is that rooting for some Eagles in Europe will be a way to get him to care more about America’s national teams.

Since we recorded, Juan Martin Hernandez looks like he will be able to play against New Zealand on September 10.

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Episode 6: Looking for Rugby's Soap Operas?

One way to think about why we find watching sports interesting is that the games, seasons, and tournaments are good stories. The athletic spectacle is nice, but we need more than that. Ethan continues to think that rugby looks good when compared to American football, but he's still more excited about the NFL season than the rugby championship. The task now is to give Ethan compelling stories, or the right information so he can find his own narratives.

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