Trying to Create a Scrutable Spectacle

In Episode 10, it is back to The Rugby Championship and a chance to talk about Argentina's great 50 minutes against New Zealand, as well as the rest of that match and Australia's win over South Africa. This was the first weekend that saw rugby competing with the NFL season for Ethan, who is a pretty serious football fan. Before they talked, Jake was pretty worried about how that competition would go.

The conversation continues to evolve as Ethan's journey into rugby fandom progresses. Unfortunately, the brothers' skills with the technical details is evolving at a slightly slower pace. You might notice some hiccups in the episode which are the result of Jake's mic deciding to take some breaks during the recording.

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  1. Jono Mac says:

    Hey Guys,

    It’s really interesting to hear a ‘neutral’ contrast and compare the different leagues. I find the Aviva Premiership compelling although a little slower than super rugby but the Top 14, despite all its money and big names can be a little dull at times.

    I thought I’d share some of my thoughts about the Rugby Championship. IMO the game between the Wallabies & Springboks was pretty poor. With both of these teams going through transition periods at the moment, they seem to lack identity in terms of their style of play and approach. Oz used to always be a very innovative and intelligent side, which seems to be missing at the moment. They also seem to lack pace in the backline and look rushed with the ball in hand.

    It amazes me how NZ never seem to ever really go through ‘rebuilding‘ phases, which is not only testament to the depth of talent in that country but also and perhaps because of the amazing work the NZRU does.

    The Springboks will not get better any time soon, they just have too many issues facing them and look as though they not coached. When your backline coach has only one season of super rugby experience coaching the useless Kings in super rugby (an appointment for which he wasn’t ready too), that really tells a story about where SARU’s priorities are. All is definitely not well in the Bok camp. I’m calling a 40 point margin win for the All Blacks this weekend.

    Then, I’m so impressed with Argentina, when they improve their conditioning and their squad depth they going to be unstoppable. I can’t wait for the return game against NZ in Argentina.

    I think the next RWC in 2019 is going to be very interesting. I’ve been following the USA rugby team for about the last four years now and I think they are steadily improving. It’s not long before they beat a tier one nation like Scotland or most likely Italy. With the advent of PRO Rugby in the USA, I think that they might well be ranked around 10th to 12th come RWC time and perhaps have a chance to make the quarterfinals or at least finish third in their group? I watched a number of the PRO games and I thought all things considered, the quality of the competition was fairly decent. The Ohio Aviators looked a very decent team! I also really enjoyed the new ARC, which was much more fun to watch than the other 6Nations.

    Anyway that my 5 cents, thanks again for the podcast and have a great weekend.


    Jono Mac

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